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Flemish government takes office

23 July 2004

BRUSSELS – The new government of Belgium’s Dutch speaking Flanders region has been sworn in for a five-year term.

On Thursday afternoon Belgian King Albert II officially appointed Christian Democrat Yves Leterme as prime minister of the Flemish-speaking regional government.

Leterme headed the winning CD&V-N-VA list in last month’s regional elections in Flanders.

The new government of 10 ministers, includes three women, and is formed from a coalition of CD&V, the right-wing New Flemish Alliance (NVA), the socialists, SP.A and Spirit, and the Liberal Democrats.

Coalitions in the new Brussels and Wallonian governments have also been formed.

In both cases, the socialists rejected former alliances with the Liberals (MR) in favour of a pact with the centre-right party, the CDH.

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