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Your fingerprints on your ID soon?

Published on March 02, 2016

Belgian interior minister Jan Jambom intends to ask Belgium's privacy watchdog under which safeguards the system can be introduced here.

Mr Jambon announced his plans during a visit to Morocco where the practice was introduced in 1975. All Moroccan nationals aged 18 and over are obliged to have their fingerprints taken. Since 2008 the information has been digitalised and the security services can access the information via the ID card.

During a working visit to Morocco’s Telecommunication and Identification Information Systems Directorate Mr Jambon stated that the technology was available, but that the debate was still on as to whether it should and could be used.

“I believe the debate could still develop. I’m going to ask the privacy commission under which conditions the system can be employed.”

Prime Minister Charles Michel noted that guarantees need to be present to prevent any abuse.


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