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National Pension Committee meets for the first time

The National Pension Committee is a consultative committee that will advise the Federal Government on reforms to the pension system for civil servants, employees and the self-employed.

Three main principles form the basis for the Federal Government’s pension reforms. The Pension’s Minister Daniel Bacquelaine (Francophone liberal) is keen to stress that the government is keen to hear the views of the employers and the trade unions before it makes any changes to the pension system.

“I think that the National Pension Committee show how important the government believes consultation is”, Mr Bacquelaine told journalists.

One of the issues that will be discussed is the drafting of a list of so-called “physically demanding professions”. Those working in such professions will be allowed to retire earlier than the rest of us. They will also be entitled to take early retirement at a younger age than those working in jobs that aren’t considered to be “physically demanding”.

The employers want to limit the number of professions considered to be “physically demanding”. Meanwhile, the unions remain sceptical about consultative process.

Speaking ahead of the meeting, the Christian trade union’s Koen Meesters told journalists that “We will soon see whether this is a poor piece of theatre or whether we are going to be able to have a real debate.”

The unions and the employers will also have to work out a framework for those wishing to take part time pension.


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