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Extra capacity to fight congestion

3 October 2007

BRUSSELS – Motorist organisation Touring is urging for extra capacity on the motorways in a bid to tackle increasing congestion. Touring realises that its call will be unpopular among politicians and immediately decried by environmental organisations. But the widening of motorways should no longer be a taboo, Touring says.

“More and more structural and incidental tailbacks clearly have a negative impact on mobility, road safety and the environment,” Touring has said.

Touring says widening the E313 between Hasselt and Antwerp can help to solve the problems with congestion and accidents. The proposed speed limit of 90 km/hour is not a real solution, Touring says. The E313 has been the site of an ongoing series of accidents and resulting tailback problems. After yet another incident on Tuesday Flemish minister for public works Hilde Crevits announced a meeting on the topic. The meeting will take place on Wednesday.

In the meantime, Mark Keppens, an expert in traffic studies, suggests lowering the speed limit to 90 km/hour during rush hours. Touring dismisses that proposal as a “solution of convenience.” The motorists’ organisation itself proposes widening the road capacity, combined with extra police checks and better traffic information.

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