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Home News Empty bank vaults to thwart ‘tiger kidnappings’

Empty bank vaults to thwart ‘tiger kidnappings’

Published on April 07, 2006

7 April 2006

BRUSSELS — To combat the growing problem of ‘tiger kidnappings’, ING banks in the area around Liège will not hold any cash starting from Monday morning.

Francophone newspaper ‘Le Soir’ said on Friday the trial scheme is a world first. If the scheme succeeds, it will be expanded across the entire country.

It means there will be no cash held on the premises of Liège banks on Monday mornings. However, cash will reappear in the hours after opening.

It remains unclear how the money will be brought to and from the bank. What is certain is that ING hopes the scheme will thwart the new wave of tiger kidnappings.

A tiger kidnapping involves robbers forcing entry to an employee’s house, kidnapping them and forcing them to drive to their workplace to open a safe. Banks are increasingly a target of such tactics.

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