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Dutch hand back Belgian ‘Internet baby’

THE HAGUE – A Belgian baby taken from a Dutch couple alleged to have bought him on the Internet was handed over to the Belgian authorities Tuesday, Dutch child protection officials said.

"The baby was handed over today to the Belgian authorities who will decide what to do with him," Kees Dijkman, a spokesman for the service, told AFP.

In November, a Dutch judge granted child care authorities temporary guardianship of the boy, dubbed Baby Jayden in the media, who was allegedly sold by his Belgian parents via the Internet.

The child’s aspirant parents, who are reportedly unable to have children of their own, made contact with the boy’s biological mother after seeing a web advertisement, and took him a few hours after he was born in a hospital in Ghent, in the Dutch-speaking Flanders region of Belgium, in July.

Dutch media have claimed that they paid the child’s biological parents between EUR 5,000 and 10,000.