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Campaign against partner violence

Published on November 16, 2007

16 November 2007

BRUSSELS – Members of the Flemish Christian Democrat party CD&V handed out brochures Friday morning focusing attention on the problem of domestic violence against women. They also handed out white ribbons symbolising solidarity with the victims of domestic violence.

The action is a run-up to the World Day for the eradication of violence against women on 25 November. World-wide attention will be paid to the problem of violence against women and white ribbons will be handed out.

The campaign this year focuses specifically on the problem of domestic violence.

1 out of 5 Belgian women is victim
An estimated 20 percent of women in Belgium are victims of partner violence. However, most victims do not actually report the violence. The CD&V working group ‘Women and Society’ has several demands for the Flemish government, including the creation of a clear framework to offer help for both victims and offenders.

The working group also insists that more research should be done on the problem to get more up-to-date and reliable statistics on how widespread the problem is. The most recent figures date to 1998.

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