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Brussels Central station acquitted of murder

Published on September 23, 2008

23 September 2008

BRUSSELS — The jury members of Assize Court in Brussels has acquitted Adam G. over the murder of Joe Van Holsbeeck on Tuesday morning.

After more than four hours of deliberation, the jury found the 19-year-old Polish teenager not guilty as the murder was not premeditated.

The jury had five questions of guilt to answer: is Adam G. guilty of theft, did he have an accomplice, did he use a weapon, did that violence lead to the death of Van Holsbeeck and did Adam G. intend to kill the victim.

The jury found Adam G. guilty on the first four counts. On the fifth count, the jury members reasoned that while Adam G. killed Van Holsbeeck, he did not do so intentionally.

On 12 April 2006, the then 17-year-old teenager and Mariusz  O, 16, were looking for potential victims to steal from when they saw Van Holsbeeck and his friend Gil at Brussels Central station.

Upon approaching them to steal the mp3 player, Adam G. pulled a knife and stabbed Van Holsbeeck several times, including the fatal blow to his heart.

In a final statement in court, Adam G. expressed his remorse. He said he did not mean to kill Joe: "I would give my life to give Joe his back."

He asked forgiveness from Joe’s parents, his brother, Gil and Gil’s parents.

As Adam was a minor at the time of the murder, he will not get a life sentence. He could be sentenced to jail for a maximum of 30 years – even with the verdict acquitting him of murder. His sentence will be announced later.

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