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Bloodied knife ‘not linked’ to Brussels mp3 murder

24 April 2006

BRUSSELS — The bloodied knife found near Brussels Central station was probably not linked to the death of teenager Joe Van Holsbeeck, the public prosecution office said on Monday.

A homeless man found the knife in a bin the day after the 17-year-old was stabbed to death in a robbery. The bin was located along the escape route used by the two suspects.

Meanwhile, the public prosecution office will release new video footage of the two assailants on Tuesday in a bid to identify them.

The footage was recorded by surveillance cameras in the pre-metro station of Beursplein.

After escaping the scene of the 12 April killing, it has been revealed that the two suspects ran to the Beursplein metro station and took the underground to further flee the area.

According to Flemish broadcaster VRT, 30 useful tips have since been lodged with police from the public.

Justice authorities have already released footage of the suspects on two separate occasions.

The first images were recorded at Brussels Central and the second set of footage was recorded by the Brussels casino.

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