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Blood and Honour raids and arrest

Published on October 22, 2008

22 October 2008

The federal judicial authorities and the judicial authorities of Kortrijk and Veurne (West Flanders) have arrested three people who allegedly organised neo-Nazi concerts. An investigation has been launched.

The arrests were made after police raided several houses in Antwerp, Bocholt (Limburg province) and Gullegem (West Flanders). Inspectors also seized computers and documents.

The three have been taken in for questioning. Two of them were released later today.

The official charge is violation of anti-racism laws during the organisation of neo-Nazi Blood and Honour concerts in Diksmuide (West Flanders) last weekend and in Bellegem (West Flanders, near Kortrijk) last April. The suspects possibly organised other concerts as well.

The investigation started after a German undercover journalist attended the Blood and Honour concert in Bellegem to make a tv-report. The judicial authorities have seized tv-footage from the gathering.

Undercover police officers attending also noticed violations of racism laws. "Some were declaiming racist texts and others gave the Hitler salute", says Eric Van der Sypt of the federal judiciary.