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Belgians Largest Bra Size a Myth

9 February 2007

BRUSSELS — Do Belgian women have the biggest cup size in Europe? A new study has proved it a myth, Gazet van Antwerpen writes.

The biggest breasts in Europe are found in Britain, where one in every six women prides herself on cup D or larger. The Danes and the Dutch are the runners-up. Belgian women come in fourth. Only little more than half of the Belgian women wear a bra sized bigger than B.

The good news is, breast size is increasing across generations. Experts attribute this development to the use of the pill and better nutrition, and unfortunately higher fat diets.

Underwear and nightwear are becoming more popular. A Belgian woman buys an average of four bras per year. A Belgian man purchases about four pairs of underwear. Most Belgian men buy their underwear themselves.

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