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Belgians ‘happy with their lot’

19 January 2005

BRUSSELS – The majority of Belgians are happy, according to a new poll released on Wednesday.

Around 94 percent of old age pensioners say they are happy, and 53 percent of 25 to 34 year olds say they are very happy.

The Axa Barometer also shows that Belgians do not consider themselves to be old until the age of 74.

The Dutch see themselves in an even younger light, believing that old age only starts at 78.

Belgians start preparing for retirement young, at just 37 on average, but this compares to just 31 in the UK.

There are different views between the francophone and Flemish-speaking communities as the first thinks about retirement at the age of 34 and the latter at 40.

Thoughts of retirement are not just about finances.

Around 46 percent of working Belgians are already preparing their post-work activities.

Most Belgians, including 88 percent of the retired population, believe that staying at home for their retirement years is better than moving abroad.

Around three percent of Belgians believe France is a good living option.

The international survey also found that 90 percent of old age pensioners in the USA believe America is the best place to live, making them the most patriotic group of over sixties questioned.

In Portugal, only 17 percent of the retired population believes theirs is the best country to live in.

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