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Adoptive parents of internet baby not prosecuted

BRUSSELS – Meanwhile a court has ruled that the four-year-old girl, Donna, can stay with her adoptive parents in the Dutch town of Leusden in the centre of the Netherlands.

The case came to light when the biological father demanded his child back from the Dutch couple in July 2007.

Donna was adopted in March 2005, which means the two-year time limit for such cases had expired by the time the father took the case to court.

The surrogate mother of the child had told the father of the child and his partner that she had had a miscarriage. She then sold the baby to the couple from Leusden instead.

The Belgian father will be given the right of access to his daughter.

The Belgian courts still have to decide whether the Dutch couple can be prosecuted for the illegal adoption of the girl under Belgian law.

Radio Netherlands/ Expatica