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226 burglaries committed every day

22 September 2004

BRUSSELS –  A burglary occurs every six minutes in Belgium, according to new figures released on Wednesday.

The Belgian police recorded 82,516 cases of burglary during 2002, reported La Derniere Heure newspaper.

The most high risk zones are found in Liege, Charleroi and Nivelles, where there were 12 burglaries per 1,000 residents in 2002.

Brussels, Namur, Dinant, Huy and Marche-en-Famenne are also known to be burglary hotspots.

The safest areas are in Courtrai and Ypres where only 3 in every 1000 inhabitants were burgled.

In 2004, the police have said they believe 72 bands of burglars are operating in Belgium.

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