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Home News “Yves Leterme takes risks”

“Yves Leterme takes risks”

Published on 24/09/2007

24 September 2007

BRUSSELS – “Yves Leterme’s strategy for becoming prime minister is a bad one because it is drenched in stupidity and confusing proposals,” says Louis Tobback (Socialist SP.A) in an interview.

“To be honest I understand why the francophones get annoyed at his attitude, because to be prime minister in Belgium you must make sure that you’re accepted on both sides,” says the former deputy prime minister and minister of home affairs. “And Leterme has not yet proven that enough on the francophone side.”

Tobback, currently mayor in Leuven, does not think Belgium’s end has come. “It is that the opinions have become more radical in fact, but do not put too much stock in polls that have no scientific value whatsoever. I am certain that most Flemings do not want separatism,” he added.

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