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World War I Brit found in ‘exceptional’ condition

Published on 30/05/2005

30 May 2005

BRUSSELS – Belgian museum officials are hoping to identify the body of a British soldier who died during one of the bloodiest episodes of World War One.

Franky Bostyn, the curator of Passchendaele memorial museum near Ypres, found the remains of the soldier on Friday.

Museum spokesman Jurgen Deleye described the body as being in an “exceptional state” nearly 90 years after the soldier died in the Battle of Passchendaele, when nearly a million men were killed.

“His uniform, his insignia were all in very good condition,” said Deleye.

The soldier, who is believed to have been an officer with the UK Lancashire Fusiliers, was even found with his wallet which contained a still legible letter from a US insurance company.

He is thought to have died around 4 October, 1917 as 14 British battalions attacked German positions from above Passchendaele.

Delaye said the body had been taken to a nearby hospital for an examination and possible identification.

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