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Wine gains popularity with Belgians

Published on 15/04/2008

15 April 2008

BELGIUM – Consumption of alcohol rose by nearly one percentage point in Belgium in 2007. Beer consumption though is on the wane.

The biggest increase was recorded in sales of sparkling wines. The figures come from the Belgian Wine and Distilled Beverages Federation.

Sales of sparkling wines rose by 16 percent while beer sales fell by 1.25 percent in 2007.

It’s the umpteenth year in a row that beer consumption has fallen.

Across Europe, beer is losing ground while wine is becoming more popular.

In 2007, the average Belgian consumed 35 litres of claret and 6 million litres of white Bordeaux.

Alsace wines and Burgundies are the most popular white wines.

Information about liquor sales is patchier. Whiskey seems to be holding its ground, while Dutch jenever gin and vodka are becoming increasingly popular.

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