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Wild woman flings her false teeth at police

Published on 25/07/2007

25 July 2007

BRUSSELS – A 48 year-old woman from Etterbeek ran amok on Wednesday afternoon in a Brussels café and, in the process, hit and kicked a number of police officers. One of them was unable to work for several days afterwards.

The woman is well known to the Brussels court after 90 incidents, of which 20 involve unruliness. According to the court, she has already been sentenced several times. It was a police inspector from the Etterbeek zone who spotted her running amok in a bar on the corner of Zuidstraat and Steenstraat.

The woman had turned over a table and threatened to attack another customer. The inspector intervened so the woman turned on him and began to hit, scratch and kick him.

The inspector then requested assistance but even then it took the three of them to get the still struggling woman into the police car. She went on hitting them and vented her fury on the interior of the police vehicle. Even at the police station she would not calm down, screaming her head off and refusing to go into her cell.

When the officers tried to force her, she took out her dentures and threw them at the officers. She then tore off her blouse and displayed her bosom. They finally managed to get her into the cell. The investigation revealed that she was Martine B., 48 years old, who had lived in Etterbeek but was no longer registered there.

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