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Wife stabs husband dead in steak knife frenzy

Published on 01/10/2004

1 October 2004

BRUSSELS – A 50 year-old woman has killed her husband by stabbing him 30 times with a steak knife, it was reported on Friday.

Francoise Hucorne killed her husband Alain Pauchet after an argument in their home earlier this week, and then called the police herself to report the crime.

Public Prosecutor Cedric de Visart confirmed Hucorne had been arrested and charged with the murder but she has denied it was her intention to kill.

Pauchet, also 50, had lived in Saint-Servais for two years since retiring as a postman after a serious accident that had left him half-paralysed.

Although they no longer had a happy relationship, his wife was still looking after him and their home had been converted to help with his disability.

Neighbours described him as a friendly man who would always smile and tell jokes when he passed by on the way to the grocers to buy some beer.

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