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Western Flemish have ants in pants

Published on 04/03/2005

4 March 2005

BRUSSELS – “Wrikkelgat” was voted the favourite word by listeners to Radio 2 in West Flanders, it was revealed Friday.

The word, from the western Flemish dialect, literally translates as “bouge-fesses” in French or “wiggle-buttocks” in English, and is used to describe a person who cannot sit still.

In proper English, however, it would be best to describe such a person as someone “with ants in their pants.”

The radio station received more than 500 emails and other letters from listeners eager to cast their vote.

The top 10 list also included “bachten,” “bukketetje,” and “stoffoaijse.”

Those not familiar with the dialect should probably find out what these words mean before trying to impress residents of Bruges or other west Flanders towns with their linguistic skills.

For more information, see www.radio2.be/wstvlaanderen.

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