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Weapons from Belgium in Madrid

Published on 28/02/2007

28 February 2007

BRUSSELS – Some of the weapons found in the apartments of those who orchestrated the bomb attacks in Madrid in 2004 came from a network of weapons traffickers from Belgium. This network was recently shut down by investigating magistrate in Bergen Frédérique Lefebvre, “Le Soir Magazine” reported on Tuesday.

Federal forensic police dismantled this group at the beginning of February. A large cache of weapons for warfare were found in Suny, in the Walloon province of Luxembourg. Two men, Herbert Cleri and Jean-Marie Creton, were arrested.

The investigating magistrate in Bergen was informed by Spanish investigators that some of the weapons founds in the apartments of the Islamic terrorists on trial in Madrid this week came from the network in Belgium.

“Little more than that is known at the moment,” Le Soir wrote. The public prosecution department in Bergen pointed out that international weapons trade has become extremely lucrative since the opening up of Eastern Europe.

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