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Warders strike in dispute over safety

27 June 2005

BRUSSELS — Warders at the Vorst prison went out on strike on Monday, warning they will continue striking until the bitter end.

Besides additional staff, the guards are demanding the repair of an internal telephone system which has been defective for years.

The decision to strike was met with an overwhelming majority, as 45 rostered warders approved the plan, while eight voted against and one abstained.

Unions are demanding the Vorst prison increase the number of jail warders from 269 to 290, newspaper ‘Het Laatste Nieuws’ reported.

In this context, they were demanding that the quota placed on workers be divided with the female prison that adjoins onto the Vorst prison.

Concerns about the personnel shortage grow on Sunday when guards had to take three detainees to hospital. Two warders were injured in an escape attempt also.

Police, Red Cross officials and public service security officers took up the gaps left by the striking warders late on Monday morning.

Talks were to be held between unions and prison management later in the day.

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