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Walloons slam Flemish over job discrimination

Published on 05/10/2004

5 October 2004

BRUSSELS – Walloon small business leaders are up in arms over job discrimination against French-speakers by the Flemish authorities.

The Union of Middle Classes (UCM), which represents thousands of small firms, has issued a strongly worded protest about the number of Flemish ministerial decrees designed to restrict Wallonian business activities on the grounds of language.

The Union has complained that French-speaking small and medium enterprises have been hit hardest by the measures.

UCM President, Roger Mene, plans to meet with the Flemish Economy Minister, Kris Peeters, to discuss the problem.

The issue was highlighted by a July decree that banned taxi drivers who were not established in Flanders from picking up or dropping off passengers in the region.

Another example is the new requirement for French-speaking central heating installers to pass a Dutch language exam before being allowed to work in Flanders.

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