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Walloons get choice of ‘green’ electricity

Published on 07/12/2004

7 December 2004

BRUSSELS – Households in Wallonia now enjoy the option of choosing electricity generated from environmentally-friendly sources.

Although Belgium’s electricity market will remain a monopoly until 2007, Wallonia residents are being given a choice of provider when it comes to green energy. Homes were already able to use Citypower’s green electricity, and on Monday, energy giant Electrabel also launched a greener option.

Consumers can sign up to the “Electrabel Green” contract, where they will be supplied by fuel from a 150 megawatt green energy park – the first of its kind in Belgium producing electricity from wind, bio, hydraulic and solar energy.

Green bills will be more expensive than the classic Electrabel energy, costing EUR 5 per megawatt hour for an average use of 3,500 kilowatt hours a year.

Citypower says it offers energy from renewable sources at rates 10 percent cheaper than ordinary electricity bills.

The companies admit that when customers opt for green energy they may receive power from non-renewable sources too, such as nuclear and fossil fuels. This is because it is impossible to separate electricity flows which mix on the national network.

However, the companies have pledged not to sell more green energy than they produce, meaning customers can help shape the proportion of renewable energy used compared to traditional fuels.

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