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VW staff approve company plan

Published on 27/02/2007

27 February 2007

BRUSSELS – No less than 76.1 percent of the workers at Volkswagen in Vorst has voted in favour of the company’s plan for the future. The plant can continue as an Audi manufacturer. The trade unions say there is “a very clear majority in favour of the Audi plan.”

Management at Volkswagen announced recently that it wants to change the company into an Audi plant. The plan would mean 38 hours a week for workers rather than 35, at the same pay. Several premiums would also disappear.

The trade unions had approved this plan, but some staff were upset at not being consulted on this change and both the morning and afternoon shifts went on strike on Monday. A referendum was called to gauge the support for the plan among the personnel.

Trade union representatives Pascal Van Cauwenberg (ACV) and Hedwin De Clercq (ABVV) were visibly relieved at the outcome of the referendum. “The minority will have to accept this,” they said during a short talk on the results.

They hope the coming days will be less tense, but are anticipating further demonstrations. They will work out the further details of the plan in the coming days.

Work continued as usual at the plant from this morning onwards.

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