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Vlaams Belang supremo files complaint against YouTube

The Flemish MP is angry about a video featuring a song by The Cicatris, a West Flemish band.

Mr Dewinter claims that the lyrics of the song include death threats against him.

"This goes too far" the floor leader of the far right Vlaams Belang party in the Flemish Parliament told VRT. "The song calls on people to murder me using a bullet or a knife."

He continued: "I’m not afraid of rappers because their songs are just provocative. I am afraid of madmen though."

The Flemish MP says he never targets anybody personally and is never insulting.

Mr Dewinter also explained why he is filing a complaint against YouTube: "They are spreading the message. I’ve asked them to remove the video, but days later they still haven’t done it".

(flandersnews.be/Expatica 2008)