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Vlaams Belang demands foreigner ‘integration test’

10 December 2004

BRUSSELS — Flemish far-right party Vlaams Belang has called for all foreign residents in Flanders to pass a so-called “integration test.”

The party, which recently changed its name from Vlaams Blok, envisages that foreigners be required to be tested on their knowledge of the Dutch language and Flemish culture.

Those who do not pass would be obliged to take an “integration course” at their own costs.

Two failures would result in “financial sanctions” or a revocation of the residency permit, party president Filip Dewinter has declared.

In its new platform unveiled Thursday, the party also continued to reject the idea of a multicultural society.

In its view, it is not up to Flemish persons to adapt to cultural differences, but rather up to foreigners to do the adapting.

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