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Virgin-SN Brussels tie up on the cards

Published on 16/09/2004

16 September 2004

BRUSSELS – Airlines Virgin Express and SN Brussels, formally fierce competitors on European short haul flights out of Belgium’s Zaventem airport, look set to team up, it emerged on Thursday.

The two airlines are in the final stages of talks about pooling their resources and if all goes according to plan they should start working together in early 2005.

Analysts have stressed that Virgin Express and SN Brussels are not planning a formal merger.

Instead they will continue to operate as separate entities under the control of a single holding company.

The new set up is likely top see Virgin Express concentrating on low-cost services in Europe, while SN Brussels will offer more upmarket European flights and will also operate services to Africa.

Le Soir said the deal should help the two airlines save up to EUR 50 million.

Experts predict that the two will make a formal announcement about the tie-up towards the end of this month.

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