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Victim launches freshattack on Dutroux

Published on 20/04/2004

20 April 2004

BRUSSELS – A young woman kidnapped and raped by Marc Dutroux eight years ago, on Tuesday launched a fresh attack against the suspected child murderer during his trial in the Belgian city of Arlon.

Sabine Dardenne, who is now 20 and was 12 when Dutroux kidnapped her, asked the alleged killer why he had not handed her over to a paedophile network that he claimed to have been working for.

Speaking of her period in captivity she asked the Arlon court “why did I only ever see Marc Dutroux and why did I never hear anything about this network?”

She also asked the suspected killer why he had repeatedly raped her when the alleged network wanted “virgin girls”. 

Dutroux replied that he had initially planned to give Dardenne to the network, which he alleges was controlled by Michel Nihoul, a Belgian businessman standing trial alongside him.

But he said he changed his mind after spending time with Dardenne and “becoming attached” to her.

“I did not hand her over because I knew she would be killed,” he added.

Dardenne reacted angrily to Dutroux’s comments.

“If I’ve understood correctly I should say thank you,” she said before asking the judge overseeing the trial to “make him be quiet”, referring again to Dutroux.

On Monday, Dardenne bluntly asked Dutroux why he had not killed her while he was holding her prisoner.

He said he had never had any intention of killing her.

Dardenne’s argument that Dutroux was essentially acting alone and was not part of a network contrasts with the views of the girl who was held captive alongside her for part of her 80-day ordeal.

Laetitia Delhez, who was 14 when Dutroux kidnapped her, has argued repeatedly that she believes Dutroux was part of a network.

Delhez, who was set to give evidence in Arlon on Tuesday afternoon, has said that after her kidnap she heard Dutroux talking on the telephone to someone called Michel or Jean-Michel and saying “it worked”.

Dutroux stands accused of kidnapping and raping Dardenne and Delhez and of kidnapping, raping and murdering four other girls.

He is also accused of murdering a former accomplice.

The trial continues.

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