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Verhofstadt wants climate minister

Published on 04/04/2007

4 April 2007

BRUSSELS – Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt wants a minister for climate appointed in the next government. Socialist SP.A leader Johan Vande Lanotte thinks this is a good idea as well, as long as “that minister is also in charge of the energy portfolio.”

Verhofstadt is a big champion of a climate minister, as long as he is part of the next government. The prime minister acknowledged that climate issues are currently largely the responsibility of the state secretary for sustainable development, Els van Weerf (Left wing Spirit), but said that “much depends on the person in the position.”

The future climate minister should be given a strong profile and broad powers, Verhofstadt thinks. The minister for the environment, Bruno Tobback (SP.A), also supports the appointment of a minister for climate.

Opposition party the Flemish Christian democrats CD&V are less enthusiastic. They say there is little point to such a post.

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