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Van Holsbeeck murder suspect prosecuted as adult

Published on 02/02/2007

2 February 2007

BRUSSELS —The juvenile court judge in Brussels has ruled that Adam G. should be prosecuted as an adult, De Standaard writes. The Polish youngster was 17 at the time he allegedly murdered Belgian Joe Van Holsbeeck at Brussels Central Station in April last year.

Adam G. will be face the interrogation team within 24 hours.

According to the judge at the juvenile court, a prolonged stay at the Kasteelbrakel institution for juvenile delinquents or any other educational measures will no longer suffice in Adam G,’s case, as he has been sucked up so deeply in the criminal world and is still failing to realize the seriousness of his situation.

The Kasteelbrakel had suggested a prolonged stay at their institution because Adam G. is falling significantly behind in his educational background.

Because Adam G. could only stay at the Kasteelbrakel for a maximum of two years, due to age limitations, the judge declined that as an insufficient disciplining measure.

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