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Van Bellingen angry at speculation

Published on 23/03/2007

23 March 2007

BRUSSELS – Wouter Van Bellingen of the Spirit party is very angry at speculation about his further political career. The black municipal official in Sint-Niklaas was at the centre of Belgian and international media attention as he officiated a mass wedding ceremony aimed at combating racism on Wednesday.

On Thursday regional television station TV.Oost announced that he will be fifth on the combined candidate list for the SP.A/Spirit parties in Oost-Vlaanderen.

“That is not up for discussion at the moment. I have not made any decision whatsoever to that effect, and I’m certainly not going to be dictated by the SP.A whether I should be on that list or not. This is really a scandal, because it does the organisers of the mass wedding a dishonour, as if that had just been some political stunt,” Van Bellingen says.

Spirit chairman Geert Lambert acknowledged that his party had been given the fifth position to fill in Oost-Vlaanderen, but that a candidate had not yet been decided on.

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