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Vaessen sentenced to prison

14 February 2007

BRUSSELS – The Hasselt correctional tribunal has sentenced colonel Vaessen, Prince Laurent’s former adviser, to 30 months in prison and a EUR 3,718 fine  and former officer and entrepeuneur, Marc Luypaerts, to three years in prison and EUR 4,957 fine in the fraud case involving the Belgian Navy.

Colonel Vaessen revealed, last December, that some of the diverted money had been used to renovate the Prince’s Villa. 

Six other suspects have been sentenced to lighter sentences on related charges.

Furthermore, the companies involved, such as that of Luypaerts, were fined up to EUR 50,000. The court also ordered repossession in cases where personel enrichment had been demonstrated.

Marc Luypaerts, former employee of the command centre of the Navy, benefited the most from these fraudulent practices. He bought a hotel and apartments in the Czech Republic.

As for Vaessen, he used diverted funds to renovate a farm he owns in the vicinity of the Sourbrodt.

All items purchased with illegal funds will be repossessed including 7.5 million Czech Korunas and EUR 90,000 from Luypaerts, as well as EUR 181,000 from Vaessen.

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