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Urban gangs under close watch

Published on 21/02/2007

21 February 2007

The railroad police apprehended eight people after they had just beaten up a couple for no apparent reason in the metro in Laeken.

Four of them will appear before a youth court and will be regarded as members of an “urban gang”, though police have not said whether they have had run-ins with this gang in the past.

Meanwhile in Brussels, a well organised African gang known as “1140” has been growing in size and strength. The police of the northern district of the city have taken it upon themselves to study and combat this phenomenon. Two detectives are on the case full-time.

But the situation is a complex one. Gangs are in constant evolution and members are replaced quickly when one is arrested.

The 1140 gang consists of over a hundred members organised in small groups – the police are especially interested in the command centre of the gang.

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