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Universities seek personnel

3 July 2007

BRUSSELS – Universities are still seeking qualified technical and administrative staff with the management qualities to support the academic community.

The Catholic University Louvain is currently looking for about 50 staff members. The website of the University of Ghent reports about 80 job openings, and the University Hospital of Antwerp has also been advertising for personnel.

The university community seems to be recruiting on a large scale for the coming academic year. They are not only hiring senior and assistant academic personnel, research assistants and doctoral candidates, but also many administrative and technical workers.

The growing number of job openings is not only the result of growing student enrolment, but also a sign of the academic world becoming more professional.

“We are looking for information scientists, engineers, laboratory assistants, bookkeepers,” says Veronique Roedolf of the CU Louvain. “But also policy workers. People with management qualities to support the university.”

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