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Unionists sacked for harassing a fellow bus driver

30 May 2005

BRUSSELS – Three Wallonian bus drivers have been sacked for attacking a fellow driver who did not join in an ongoing strike for higher wages taking place across the region.

Thomas Salden, the bus company TEC’s vice-president at Charleroi, said the three drivers were stripped of their licences for “intolerable practices”.

They chased a working driver in his bus in their own cars. They managed to stop the bus and began hitting the windscreen while photographing the driver and threatening him if he continued to do his job.

Besides losing their jobs, the three unionists will also have to appear before a workers’ tribunal, according to news agency Belga.

“We discussed the case at great length and we put it in the context of the whole line, which is a difficult one,” said Salden.

“At the time, we had taken measures to protect our drivers from external aggression. We can’t let this go, neither for the image of TEC nor for the image of the region [this creates].”

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