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Unexploded WWII bomb found

Published on 08/03/2007

8 March 2007

BRUSSELS – Another unexploded bomb has been found on the premises of Total Belgium in Evergem. The military’s bomb squad is investigating the device.

Two bombs dropped from aeroplanes were already discovered and rendered harmless during clearing of the Total Belgium industrial park on the Bombardementstraat in December and January.

The province of Oost-Vlaanderen, the municipality of Evergem and the city of Ghent set up a safety plan before work started on the site in 2004 since it was known that bombs from World War II were still lodged in the ground on the site.

It has not yet been decided if it is necessary to evacuate the area. About 250 families live in a 500-metre radius around the industrial park, and ten other businesses are located in the immediate area as well.

Evacuation was not necessary in the previous cases.

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