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Two bodies discovered in freezer

Published on 04/07/2007

4 July 2007

VERVIERS – The police in Verviers found two bodies in a freezer in a home on the Eugène Mullendorss avenue in Verviers late on Tuesday night. A guest of the victim’s husband discovered the bodies, the public prosecution department in Verviers announced.

A woman invited for dinner at the home on Tuesday planned to put the leftovers in the deep freezer. In the freezer however she found a woman’s body. The woman immediately called the Verviers police. She was in a state of shock and was provided counselling.

In the search of the home that followed detectives found another body in the freezer, that of the woman’s 11-year-old boy. Both bodies showed signs of stab wounds. The husband of the victim, a 42-year-man, is being questioned by police at the moment.

The man and his wife were known to the authorities in Verviers. Police were called on numerous occasions on account of domestic violence at the home.

The victims were most likely killed some time ago as they had not been seen in months. The bodies were brought to a forensic laboratory in Liege. An autopsy should shed more light on the circumstances of the situation.

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