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TV choices ‘affect schooling’

Published on 19/01/2005

19 January 2005

BRUSSELS – The kind of television programmes watched by children has an effect on their school performance, according to a new poll.

La Derniere Heure reported on Wednesday that children from families who watch commercial television programmes are twice as likely to end up taking some kind of professional training rather than following a more traditional academic  education.

The discovery was revealed by Marc Elchardus and Jessy Siongers in a sociological study called “The Netherlands Journal of Social Science.”

Their analysis was conducted on 6,974 pupils in the fourth and sixth years of school.

Previous studies have linked motivation, competence and school performances with the cultural choices of parents.

But until now most studies have focussed on “elitist” activities such as attending classical music concerts.

Elchardus and Siongers centred their study on the influence of mass media on children’s behaviour.

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