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Triple murder near Herve

Published on 01/07/2004

1 July 2004

BRUSSELS – A 54-year-old man has gone on the rampage near the Belgian town of Herve, murdering three people and seriously wounding another two, it was reported on Thursday.

Verviers magistrates court said the man shot his wife in the village of Jose, near Herve, at about 5.30 pm on Wednesday after having a row with her.

He also killed a neighbour who was alerted by the gunshot.

The man’s 54-year-old wife survived the attack, but is still in a critical condition.

The husband then drove to his parents’ house nearby in Rue Defays where he beat them and attacked them with a razor blade.

His mother and father both died.

He then turned on a nurse who paid regular visits to his parents’ home to look after them, slashing her with the razor blade.

She was seriously wounded in the attack, but is now out of intensive care.

The man fled after the attacks, but was later caught in a field by police.

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