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Transport strike after violent assault on bus

Published on 29/08/2006

29 August 2006

BRUSSELS — Staff at the Brussels public transport authority MIVB-STIB went out on strike on Tuesday in protest against a violent attack against an employee.

Almost a quarter of all buses did not leave the depot on Tuesday morning, but trams and the metro were operating as per normal.

The strike was called after a fight broke out on a line 96 bus in Ixelles / Elsene on Monday between an aggressive passenger and an MIVB-STIB driving instructor.

Various passengers had complained about the young man who was playing extremely loud music in the back of the bus.

When the instructor asked the man to turn the music down, the passenger became enraged, news service VRT reported.

The man then started to kick the instructor, who retreated, but the young man continued to beat him.

At the front of the bus, the instructor fell off the vehicle, but his assailant continued to assault him.

The instructor lost consciousness and was taken to the hospital for treatment. The suspect was quickly arrested by a police patrol that was in the vicinity.

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