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Transport pledge to Brussels commuters

12 January 2005

BRUSSELS – The Brussels public transport operator STIB has made a new year pledge to customers, promising a better service.

STIB’s popularity has been waning in recent months due to a wave of crippling strikes by disaffected workers.

The new charter focuses on renewed priorities for punctuality, comfort, information, cleanliness and customer service, said STIB director Alain Flausch.

Under STIB’s internal management rules for 2001 to 2005, the guidelines must certify a “quality of service” for customers.

Punctuality has proven to be the most difficult pledge to keep.

Although STIB has close to a 100 percent record for the metro, it is struggling at 80 percent for busses and trams due to traffic congestion in Brussels.

But as well as pulling out the stops for customers, STIB is also making demands on its passengers.

“This charter is reciprocal. We will do what we can to maintain cleanliness but our passengers must do the same,” said Flausch.

The charter can be found on the STIB website and at information points.

It will run in conjunction with the “Responsible Young Passengers” campaign to encourage younger passengers not to vandalise public transport.

Random vandalism costs STIB EUR 1.5-2 million every year, said a spokesman.

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