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Traffic law amended as of 1 March

27 February 2007

BRUSSELS – An amendment to the traffic regulation for right of way will come into effect on Thursday 1 March. Drivers will have to yield to other drivers approaching from the right, even if those coming from the right stop at the intersection. This is a change: drivers approaching from the right used to forfeit their right of way if they stopped at an intersection.

The change brings Belgium’s priority rule in line with the rest of Europe.

Since the regulation differed from the rules in effect in other European countries, there were more accidents in border areas and sometimes endless disputes over accidents. The new regulation should put an end to the confusion.

“The new regulation is clearer and simpler and should decrease the number of accidents and disputes about accidents,” said Minister for Mobility Renaat Landuyt at a press conference today.

Drivers who must cross a passing foot or bike path at an intersection will also keep the right of way with respect to other drivers on the road, once pedestrians or cyclists have been allowed to pass of course.

To be clear: the new regulation does not apply to roundabouts.

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