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Traffic delays from black ice, mist

Published on 03/01/2006

3 January 2006

BRUSSELS — Motorists in Flanders and Brussels faced dangerous driving conditions on Tuesday morning as black ice on motorways and thick mist seriously disrupted traffic.

The Flemish Traffic Centre urged motorists to drive carefully and issued a warning for mist that could in various areas start to freeze onto roads.

Accidents were being reported reasonably regularly. Several accidents were reported at the Antwerp harbour, but only minor vehicle damage was reported.

A truck lost control on the slippery Brussels ring road at Zaventem and eventually came to rest at a perpendicular angle across the motorway.

Several accidents were reported in the traffic jam that ensued. The ring road was completely sealed off in the direction of Groot-Bijgaarden.

Accidents also occurred in Groot-Bijgaarden on both the inner and outer ring roads, news agency Belga reported.

An accident occurred on the Antwerp ring road in Merksem, resulting in temporary traffic delays. An accident was also reported on the E17 in Zwijndrecht just before the Kennedy Tunnel.

Traffic delays also occurred on the northern section of the Singel after an accident.

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