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Traffic centre offers live camera footage

Published on 28/06/2005

28 June 2005

BRUSSELS — The Flemish traffic centre started offering on its website live footage displaying the traffic situation in and around Brussels and Antwerp on Tuesday.  

Every road user will be able to visit the site and personally examine traffic delays and/or flow before departing.

The traffic centre monitors the Flemish situation via cameras placed along motorways. A selection of this footage is now available to the public on its website.

There are 16 locations online, namely 11 in the Antwerp region (the ring road, E17, E313 and E19) and five in the Brussels region (E40, A12, E19 and E411).

By scrolling the cursor over the camera icon, live footage of the traffic situation will be displayed. There is also a page with an oversight of all available images.

The available footage will be expanded in the coming period to include more images from the Brussels region, plus also Ghent and Lummen.

Based in Wilrijk, the Flemish traffic centre can be found online at www.verkeerscentrum.be.

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