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Tracks cleared after collision

Published on 01/05/2007

1 May 2007

BRUSSELS – The collision last Thursday caused a great deal of material damage. Train traffic in both directions on the segment of rails near Izegem station did not resume until about 3.10 pm this afternoon.

Frédéric Petit of infrastructure manager Infrabel said that there was still a minor speed restriction in effect near the platforms.

“The platform at Izegem is heavily damaged. The trains are running slower than normal over a stretch of 130 metres. This will cause delays of a minute or two. The speed restriction should be lifted one day soon,” Petit said.

Train traffic in both directions was not expected to resume until Wednesday morning. “Our workers worked extra hard over the past few days. As a result train service via Izegem is pretty much back to normal,” Petit added.

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