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Toxic water enters Flanders

Published on 06/08/2007

6 August 2007

BRUSSELS – The poisoned water in the Meus river that killed tonnes of fish will be entering Flanders today. There is no danger to health, most of the toxins have already dissolved in the water.

On Tuesday last week the chemical company Chimac-Agriphar in Ougrée released two toxic substances into the Meus river. The company waited until Thursday to report to the Walloon environmental authorities that a problem at a purification installation had resulted in the release of 64 kg of chlorpyrifos and 12 kg of cypermethrin. This corresponded to analyses that showed increased concentrations of cyanides in the Meus for several days.

The chemicals killed an estimated 25,000 perch and rock bass. The Walloon and Dutch governments announced a fishing ban on the Meus, and in Belgium, on parts of the Albertkanaal and the Kanaal van Monsin.

The Antwerp Water Works provides a million Flemings with water from branches of the Meus. They are awaiting the results of tests. “The water will reach Oelegem [the production centre, ed.] in two weeks time, by that time the water will probably be clean again.”

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