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Too much lead in Belgian water

Published on 23/03/2004

23 March 2004

BRUSSELS – The amount of lead in drinking water in many Belgian houses is too high, Belgian consumer magazine Test Achats reported on Tuesday.

Test Achats said the problem stems from old plumbing installed in houses built before the 1960s.

According to the magazine, the problem affects around 700,000 buildings in Belgium and Test Achats wants the authorities to remedy the situation urgently.

Lead is a highly toxic metal that can cause severe illness and even death if swallowed in sufficiently large quantities.

However, most studies show that exposure to lead-contaminated water alone would not be likely to elevate blood lead levels in most adults.

But this risk can vary depending upon the individual, the circumstances, and the amount of water consumed. For example, children who drink formula milk prepared with lead-contaminated water may be at a higher risk because of the large volume of water they consume relative to their body size.

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