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Thumbs up for Belgian railways

Published on 18/10/2004

18 October 2004

BRUSSELS – A majority of customers are satisfied with the service offered by Belgian rail operator SNCB, the company said on Monday.

Unveiling the results of its latest customer satisfaction survey, SNCB said it had scored an unprecedented 7.5 out of 10.

The score is supposed to indicate rail users overall opinion of the country’s train service, SNCB explained.

In addition, the rail company said its survey shows that users think it has made improvements on issues like onboard comfort in trains and attractive rail fares.

On both issues it scored better than in 2003, SNCB said.

Customers also seem to think Belgium’s trains are cleaner and more punctual than they were a year ago, SNCB added.

SNCB is currently in debt the tune of around EUR 300 million.

The Belgian government has promised to underwrite around a third of that sum but is demanding serious cost savings from the rail operator in return.

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