Home News Three attackers stab man in Brussels

Three attackers stab man in Brussels

Published on 23/05/2005

 23 May 2005

BRUSSELS – A man was attacked and stabbed several times in Brussels on Sunday by three male suspects, the French-language RTL news-site reported on Monday.

The victim, who was born in 1976 in the former Yugoslavia, survived the attack, which occurred at around 12:30 am on rue Terre Neuve.

Police are still searching for his attackers.

The attack occurred after a vehicle stopped near the victim and his brother, both Brussels residents, along rue Terre Neuve.

When he saw three figures emerge from the vehicle, he told his brother to hide. He was then pursued by the three men into the hallway of a building, where they stabbed him several times with knives.

The three men fled in their vehicle. The license plate number, registered to Antwerp, was passed on to the police in the Brussels commune of Ixelles.

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